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زندگی‌نامه: Portable monocular metallurgical microscope SM500
SM500 of portable monocular metallurgical microscope is a self-contained portable metallurgical microscope ideally used for inspecting metallography of metals in laboratory or in situ. With fully handheld design and unique magnetic stand, SM500 can be attracted di[1]rectly against the surface of ferrous metal at any angles for non-destructive examination on flatness, curvature as well as other complicated surface. SM500 can also be used with digital camera or CCD image process system to download metallurgical image to PC for data transfer, analysis, storage and printout.
● Portable metallurgical laboratory, with on-site sample preparation, microscope, camera, without AC power supply in field
● Natural colors without changing light by dimming the LED lighting provides the best image observed at any time.
● Magnetic stand can be attracted against metals at any angles.
Microscope main100-500x (extendable 1500x)
Eyepiece(large view)10x, 12.5x
Objective10x, 40x
SlidewayX-direction 15mm
Y-direction 12mm
Power supply100-240V AC 50/60Hz
StandOn-off magnetic stand
Net weight (kg)2.5
Standard package - SM500
SM500 main body 100-500x 1
Eyepiece: 10x 1
Eyepiece: 12.5x 1
Objective: 10x 1
Objective: 40x 1
Slideway: x-direction 15mm, y-direction 12mm 1
On-off magnetic stand 1
LED Illuminator 1
Power adaptor 1
Operation manual 1
Carrying case 1
Optional accessories
Additional stand for small samples
Digital camera
Adapter for digital camera with eyepiece
CCD with interface
Eyepiece 5x/10x/15x/16x
Objective 4x/5x/10x/20x/40x/50x/80x/100x
Mini grinder
Electrolytic polisher
A set of wheel heads
Polishing cloth wheel
Replica film
Filter (green, blue, yellow)
Main optional accessories
● E-P302 Electrolytic Polisher
● Non-destructive polisher of large workpiece size
● Constant voltage constant flow
● Electrolyte does not leak, easy to clean-up
● Digital show voltage and current values and with a timing device
● Recommended for the in situ, non-destructive examination or in laboratory.
● It can also be used for large samples.
SM500 with adaptor for digital camera
Mini Grinder with accessories
SM500 with CCD adaptor to PC
Product showPortable Metallurgical Microscope
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