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Fresh peeled garlic including nitrogen-filled packing or vacuum packing.

220—260pcs/kg 260-280pcs/kg 280-330pcs/kg
1kg x 10bags/carton 500g x 20bags/carton
5LBS x 6bags/carton 5LBS x 4jars/carton
1kg x 10jars/carton 500g x 20jars/carton
Product advantages:
1.Many kinds of method of use:raw,pickled
2.The peeled garlic is suitable for restaurants and dining rooms to use, and is suitable for families to use.
3.Garlic can effectively inhibit and kill the helicobacter pylori bacteria such as viruses cause gastrointestinal disease.
4.Reduce blood pressure, mild hypertension, 2-3 garlic per day, high blood pressure away from you.
5.The elements in garlic also have the effect of preventing cancer.
6.China Jinxiang origin garlic, high-quality raw materials.
Certification: BRC; HACCP; OU

1. Does your company have independent raw materials and products for refrigerated storage?
We have independent raw material cold storage, which can store about 30,000 tons; we also have an independent cold storage warehouse for finished products, which can store 200 tons of finished products.
2. Which level of quality are your products?
We have got BRC, HACCP, OU certificate so far.
Please feel free to contact us and send me your email. Hope we can establish long friendly business relationship.
Contact Below:
Name: Yang shenming
Tel: 00-86-537-8818789
Mobile: 13562793904 China Garlic
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