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محل زندگی:
زندگی‌نامه: XLR to USB singnal adaptor
Product description:
X2D is a Plug and Play USB Connectivity allows the convenience of digital recording. It provides +48V Phantom power for use with condenser microphones, and also support dynamic microphones to work with USB devices.
XLR to USB adaptor
Transforms your XLR microphone to a USB microphone
Provide +48V Phantom power
Support both Condenser microphone and Dynamic microphone
Plug and Play
Power Required/Consumption5V 150mA
Sample Rate48 kHz
Bit Rate16-bit
Input Interface XLR Female (48V Phantom Power On/Off)
Frequency Response20Hz - 20kHz
Gain range0dB ~ 30dB
Digital noise floor-72 dB FS A-wt, @ Min Gain Setting
X2D Sample is available
797 AUDIO is one of the largest and professional xlr to usb singnal adaptor manufacturers and suppliers in China. We are equipped with a professional factory. Welcome to wholesale the customized microphone specially designed for 797 audio.Micrphone Adaptor manufacturers
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