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وب‌ سایت: http://www.phebubag.com/
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شناسه‌ی Yahoo: http://www.philicamcnc.com/cnc-laser-machine/
شناسه‌ی Skype: http://www.philicvalve.com/
اطلاعات اضافی درباره‌ی lecithing
محل زندگی: http://www.phoenix-gift.com/
زندگی‌نامه: Our History
We’re a 10-year supplier of bags to corporate markets with 6 productions lines. With a monthly capacity of 100,000pcs bags, we can assure you that your volume orders are fulfilled with ease. More than 80% of our bags export to the US and countries in Europe. This means that we understand the product trends and intricacies of regulations required to meet demands in these markets.
Every item that we make is produced under ISO 9001:2008 guidelines. To ensure the quality you expect, we allow customer’s to set their own AQL standards, while we carry out strict inspection measures accordingly.
20 new designs monthly; customer OEM/ODM request welcome.
Our Product
Backpack, travel bag, sports bag, school bag. Cosmetic and toiletry bag, shopping and tote bag
Product Application
Daily life, go to school. Travelling, sports, shopping, package,

Our Certificate
Production Equipment
Sewing machines, punching machine, button fixing machine, cutting machine, packing machine
Production Market
Major market: USA and Europe, we are reliable supplier of global company like Disney, Lorel , Cocacola, Dell
Our service
IQC-Incoming quality control: 1.QC on fabric thinkness, color, Density, PVC backing, color fastening;2. QC on logo, PP webbing, EVA,zip,zipper head, D-rings, Hook buckle, Extension buckle, 3. QC on appearance, design, weight and damage, durabilit, color fastening
IPQC-In process qualiy control:inspectors will conduct QC inspection at various level of production check point with reports, QC on bag dimension, stitching, inner lay, piping and etc
Outgoding quality control: The final QC process with specified AQL will be inspected before shipping, inner lable with marking with code of factory, lot, ear and month of production, certificated of conformance(COC) will be issued
100% product quality protection
100% on-time shipment protectionTyvek Diaper Mami Bags suppliers
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