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زندگی‌نامه: Company profile:
Founded in 1992, more than 24 years' truck trailer production experience. Export about 1,2000 trailers to the world per year.
We are a company specialized in truck trailer research, development, manufacture, and import and export, being well-known in domestic and foreign countries. We provide both high quality and low price trailers for the customers around the world.

China Shandong Fudeng automobile Co, Ltd is a manufacturer and dealer specialized research, development and production of semi trailers. The company is located in Jinan, Shandong province, with convenient transportation access.
As a reliable enterprise with vitality, potential and comprehensive strength, Fudeng mainly provides bulk cement tank trailer, low bed trailer, extendable semi trailer, detachable gooseneck trailer, fuel oil tank semi trailer, bitumen tan trailer, LPG/LNG/CNG tank trailer, container trailer, flatbed trailer, skeleton trailer, dump trailer, box/cargo/fence trailer, car carrier semi trailer, special semi trailer, tractor head, wood/timber transportation trailer and trailer parts.
Well-equipped facilities and excellent quality control throughout all stages of production enable Fudeng company gains total satisfaction and praise from customers. The company has obtained ISO, CE, and CCC certificate successively in past several years. As a result of high quality products and outstanding customer service, Fudeng products are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world; and the company has built a global sales network reaching Asia, Africa, Philippines, South America, and Middle-East…
With "First Quality, First Trust, and First Service" being the business philosophy, Fudeng devotes to build win-win cooperation with the customers.
Fudeng insists on professional and warmly service. Email will be replied within 7 hours. The company has an experienced and technological team to customize the best products for customers according to the demand strictly and will do quality text from the production of each trailer part to the finish of the whole trailer. Email will be replied within 8 hours.
Main Product:
Shandong Fudeng Automobile Co.,Ltd Mainly produce the fuel tank trailer/oil tank trailer/chemical liquid tank trailer/flatbed semi trailer/chassis semi trailer/side loader container trailer/low bed trailer/detachable gooneck trailer/heavy duty lowboy trailer/bulk cement trailer/dry bulk trailer/LPG/LNG/CNG Tanker trailers/CO2 Tanker trailers/hydraulic modular trailer/extendable semi trailer/end dump semi trailer/side dump semi trailer/side wall semi trailer/fence semi trailer/box semi trailer/tractor truck/dump truck/fuel tank truck.
Product Application:
FUDENG Factory semi trailers and trucks Use European technology.made in China and serve for the whole world.Our semi trailers are used for the road transportation.Such as The flatbed container semi trailers can transport the containers and the Bulk Goods such as the cement bags and the Pipes and etc.The Lowbed trailers are used for transporting the Large equipments such as the heavy loads,excavators,construction machines,generator,cranes,caravans,army tanks and different kind of big mining machines.The Tanker trailers can transport the Gasoline and diesel and sulfuric acid and various chemical liquids and etc.
As a member of the best semi trailer manufacturer, Shandong Fudeng Automobile is more specialized in producing all kinds of semi trailers and trailer parts. With the experienced and technological team, we always provide the best delivery solution with the right price. We have Quality Supervision Department in our factory, and we'll do quality text from the production of each trailer part to the finish of the whole trailer. In 2009, we get the ISO & CCC certificate; In 2016, we get the CE certificate.

Production Equipment:
1. Underwater plasma machine was applied to cutting steel material, which is more precise than high flame cutting and no deformation.
2. Advanced bi-side welding and submerged arc welding technology make the tank body connected tightly.
3. We use full automatic rolling machine provide the well-shaped tank bodies.
4. The main beam and tanker body are welded together with excellent technology and special flux.
5. Dash board was installed in the tank body to reduce the inertial impaction and ensure safety.
6. We will have twice water injection and press injection texting after all was finished.
Production Market
Shandong Fudeng Automobile Co.,Ltd main sales market In Asia, Africa, South America, and Middle-East.With the durable quality, competitive price, reliable after-sale service, Fudeng trailers has successfully entered into over 50 countries and areas around the world, such as: Argentina, Chile, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Kenya,Liberia,Djibouti, Ethiopia, Malawi, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Algeria, Ghana,Botswana, Pakistan ect.

Our service
Purchase Process
Professional Team
High Quality
We are specialized in producing semi trailers more than 20 years.
In each production flow chart, we always do test for the quality
24 H Service
Parts Support
7*24 H service provide professional fast response.
After you bought our trailrs, we will provide trailer parts for you with 60% off sale.Gas Trailer manufacturers
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